Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my resume to multiple regions?

Yes, you can certainly do this. In our experience this has been a very effective strategy for many of our customers, especially if you are willing to relocate.

Can I target specific areas and cities within my region?

For the United States and Australia, we can submit by state of preference as well as to the entire region. For the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore we only submit to the entire region.

Can I use your service as well as apply to a company in person?

Yes, you can do this. It does no harm to use our service to contact a company and then apply for a specific job within a company. In fact, it's always better to use the strongest job-hunting strategy possible.

When you send my Resume/CV, does it look like I'm sending direct to a company or to many companies?

We set it up so that your email goes out looking like an individual email to an employer. Employers like this as it makes you look proactive in your job search.

Do you send to all the top companies in my region?

We send to the majority of companies, by our estimate approximately 85% of the top companies in each region. Also, a number of companies only accept resumes through a third-party or by post so we can't include these in our database.

Is it okay to send my resume to an employer without them requesting it?

Yes, it certainly is. Employers actually appreciate people doing this for many reasons. But the two main reasons are (1) that it shows initiative and (2) it saves the employer paying recruitment and employment agency fees.

How long until I hear back from employers?

This varies from a few days to a few weeks to a few months. People mostly hear back from employers relatively quickly. However, many employers will only get in touch with you when a position becomes available.

What are the advantages to using your service?

Our service is very easy to use and will save you a LOT of time. However, our greatest advantage is the fact that employers love to hire applicants who contact them directly, rather than through a job advertisement or recruitment/employment agency.

How should I write my Resume/CV?

You should write your resume to suit the region in which you are applying. Please check online for further details.

What should I say in my cover letter?

Introduce yourself and write about your skills and experience. Also, it is important to mention what kind of position you're looking for.

Can you write my Resume/CV for me?

No, we don't offer this service at present.

How do I make payment?

We accept payment by PayPal or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).